Sunday, July 13, 2008

DMG 00.98.25, MM 00.98.06, PHB 00.98.07

Magic items from
Dungeon 155 - Heathen
Dungeon 155 - Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams
(CZ for the lists)

Corrected problem with Ettercap Webspinner Longspear Power (range and attack were not split correctly - CZ)

Parsing in some data from Dragon/Dungeon (thanks to CZ for the list of new traps) I discovered that some traps have multiple Attacks. None of the DMG traps/hazards seem to have these. Also there are some traps tagged as Elite and there's apparently a new type...Engine. The parser now accepts all this weirdness.

One minor note is the Blade Bridge has 2 attacks in the book. I parse it into 3. The Turnstile attack was split into 2 attacks. One for each type of action. It just looks cleaner.

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