Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DMG 01.01.01 MM 01.01.03

Since my cat, Samson decided 4am was a perfectly acceptable time to wake up and demand food, I had some time to kill before work. So I parsed Dungeon 156 - The Last Breaths of Ashenport monsters and traps. I tried something new with the fluff this time. A lot of the monsters are reused between encounters. So I copied the tactics for each encounter into the fluff. You can see how it worked out on the Mystic Cultist below.


J said...

I missed a set of paragraph tags between the starting text and Round One: on this npc. Oops. I'll get that later.

Lowlander said...

Looks like a nice tool! I assume you're parsing from pdf or a derivative (html/plain text)? Do you have any plans to release it at some point? I own the core rulebooks in both print and pdf form, so it would be nice to generate modules from them. I'm a .NET/C# developer myself, but I'd rather not reinvent the wheel :)

J said...

I do, but at the moment things aren't stable enough for that. It parses plain text. In some cases the raw data needs some mark up. Usually I can turn a new dungeon/dragon article in a few minutes.

The parsers really aren't designed for mass release atm. They use fixed paths (which is great for me, sucks for everyone else). Also certain items can not be added dynamically (classes and races). I'll get around to those changes once I finish dorking with magic items.