Sunday, July 20, 2008

The final frontier

I did a lot of the setup work for Magic Items. Unfortunately it's a lot of work that you really can't see. I created the lists for tabular structure. I created a separate entry for each level item. Finally I created item powers for any magic items with powers.

Maybe in a day or so I'll have something to display.


David said...


Been reading about your work all night. Everything looks fantastic! Please keep up the good work!

One thing though: where can I get access to any of this :x I don't see a link to grab .mod files anywhere on your blog.

J said...

Due to intellectual property issues, the modules are not available for download. Once the structure of them becomes stable, I plan on releasing some sample ones with data I've created.

I may also release a version of the program I use to convert the source data into xml. However the source data needs to have some tags manually applied to it in order for the parse routine to handle everything properly.

David said...

I can understand that. I'll be following you until then ^^