Monday, July 28, 2008

Magic items..the process (w images galore)

At the moment I only have weapons working. The other types are just different attributes (AC instead of damage) and some formatting. There are some issues with the power links, nothing insurmountable. Besides I'm rather proud of the fact I got it working this well. Anyhow here are the images

Step 1: We have nothing on either the item window or the character sheet.
Step 2: I open the magic weapon table and then drag one of the links (Lifedrinker +1) over to the Item window.
Step 3: Hey look the item appeared. Let's expand it.
Step 4: Now that we have a lifedrinker +1, I open the weapon table and drag a basic weapon type over to it (in this case a morningstar)
Step 5: When I complete the drop, the stats from the morningstar (damage, weight, prof bonus, properties, group) appear in the Lifedrinker.
Step 6: Now that the weapon is completed (well the name could use an update) I can drag it over to the character sheet.

Ta-dah! A completed item and I didn't have to type anything. Now on to messing with the powers.

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