Wednesday, July 2, 2008

MM 00.96.15

I added support for groups. This makes things sort nicer. I put the groups in for the core manual (and found several bugs related to the fluff parser). For Dragon I made the group name equal the Magazine Issue and article name.


jon said...

Question: I know you're adding the monsters from Dragon...what about Powers/New classes/Races? Wouldn't be in this module obviously...but I'm curious:)

J said...

They are next on the list. The PHB style parse will probably be a bit harder because some of the tokens it searches for include Races, Classes, Paragon Paths, etc. I'll need to add new ones into the parser.

The Monster Manual parses worked pretty much as-is without any changes to the parse. Plus I was already working on adding the sorting to the Monster Manual.

I may get to the Dragon PHB this weekend.