Thursday, July 10, 2008

MM 00.98.00, PHB 00.98.03

Changed the PHB and MM graphics for the core version. Accidentially left the large images in the directory so the modules are bigger than they need to be.

Added the data for

364 - Class Acts
365 - Ecology of the Dragonborn
365 - Bazaar of the Bizarre

I still need to add the data for 365 Articifer

Note the magic item data is fully parsed from Bazaar of the Bizarre but at the moment no classes exist to display anything (it uses the monster class and the name and powers work).


jon said...

Bwhahahah...I was just telling a friend of mine whose making a Wizard that 'There's these new Class Act powers for wizards that you could use. But they're not in FG2 yet, so you may have to manually enter them.

30 minutes later....this shows up.


J said...

I'm awesome like that!

Dragonborn was new classes, races, paragon paths. Just a matter of cut/paste/tag and run the parser!