Thursday, July 31, 2008

Plan B

I thought of making an entry program to build modules. Then I decided, hey I'm lazy! Enter plan B.

I made a quick modification to my existing PHB parser. Essentially I took all the data I set on some option buttons and exposed it to the UI for editing. This means anyone who runs it could change all the file paths and produce their own module.

Of course I'm lazy and there is no way to save/load your path changes. Meaning you have to key them all in again each run. Wow I can imagine that sucking. Fortunately for me the defaults are where I keep the files.

As a test I had it build the sample PHB module. It did so without any issue. It even included my sample skill.

I'll have to figure out how to distribute it (and the source parse files) tomorrow. Oh and it won't adapt to new classes, paragon paths, races. But it does the core with reasonable accuracy if you happen load it into the proper files.

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