Friday, July 25, 2008

Sample modules

I built some sample modules with bogus data for JPG to distribute. You can find them here. They aren't as cool as having the full core and dragon modules but they give you a place to start if you want to key in the data by hand.

Note that at the time of the sample build, I didn't have the ability to create custom skills. I've since added this feature to the PHB parser. If you want to add your own skills you need to modify two sections of the code. I posted how to do this over in the 4E group on FUM. I'll see about creating a new sample module with a skill in it for the next release.


David said...

I'll be downloading this immediately after getting off work today. Fantastic. Myself and my players appreciate the hard work.

Talwynor said...

Dl'd the mod template and got a kick out of the monsters you included. Im a bit of a dullard when it comes to this type of thing but need to populate the monsters and such for a game I plan on running. dont see the FUM post you referred to...any chance I can bother you for a full link so I can try to figure out how to add the monsters I need? Thanks again for the work you have shared!

J said...

The thread can be found here:

I think that will work, but you might have to be a member of the 4E group already. I can't figure out how to directly link to the group....or how to make blogger stop eating my XML tags (or I would post it here).

Soon the magic items will change. The flavor element will go from formattedtext to string. Because there are some issues with formattedtext and the getValue() setValue() behavior of FG2.

I'll probably be building new modules with each JPG release.

Talwynor said...

The thread link didn't work...what's you name at FUM - I can always search for the thread there. Screenshots look great...if you're ever looking for a player in your campaign I'd love to see it first hand!

J said...

Well FUM seems to be down right now. I post there under the name Tenian. I'll probably be releasing new samples for the next version 1.01+ that will include some sample skills. The old versions of the PHB will have issues with magic items once my code gets integrated. A few field types changed, etc.

I currently don't run a campaign. I've actually only played FG2 twice. My time just seems to disappear into the parsing machine.