Friday, July 11, 2008

With some time to kill....

..I completed the parse documentation for Traps. Really it's just a text file that identifies all the key words (I call them tokens) within the file I'm trying to parse.

Traps are relatively small so I think I have a reasonably complete list of tokens. Powers for example were not so simple. Just when I thought it was complete I'd encounter a new token like a warlock school or those extra warlord tags (Tactical Presence, Commanding Presence).

Anyhow here's what I'll be working from. I think I'll wedge it into the monster/npc class for purposes of display. Perception, additional skill(s), trigger, countermeasures, upgrade will all go in the 'Other' tab. The attack(s) will go in the power tab, everything else should display on the main sheet. I expect to have it completed sometime this weekend unless something exciting comes up:

[name] Level [#] Warder|Lurker|Obstacle|Blaster
Trap|Hazzard XP [#]
Trap:[short desc]
Hazard:[short desc]
[Perception text...similar to lore...list]
Additional Skills: [skill list]
[skill text similar to lore but a list]
Additional Skill: [skill list]
[skill text similar to lore but a list]
Initative [#]
Attack: [roll string(i.e. +7 vs. Will)]
Hit: [dmg string]
Effect: [effect string]
Miss: [miss string]
Followup: [follow up string...note if there is a hit after this it's a followup hit]
Aftereffect:[aftereffect text]
Sustain [action]: [sustain text]
Special: [special text]
Upgrade to Elite ([#])

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