Monday, August 18, 2008

Formatted Lore, Conditional Powers

Apparently I missed a format of power. Instead of having name (action;recharge) these powers have name (trigger;recharge). So I modified the parser to handle these. I put their action as "Conditional" and the trigger is placed in the shortdescription of the power (very similar to the Immediate Reaction/Immediate Interrupt).

I also fixed the one case (Sword Wraith) where the Regeneration line is in the wrong place. Or more accurately a different place.

And finally, because it vexxed me, I wrote a much better Lore formatting routine. Instead of bolding when it sees a DC or : it now bolds only when it finds a DC ##: set.
It also draws frames. Frames are drawn from the : to the next DC or paragraph open/close. Unfortunately this means you can not put paragraph markers inside of Lore frames. Oh well...maybe I'll figure out a way to do that some day.

The new version of the parser should go up on FUM tonight.


David said...

Looks awesome!

Now I get to dive into the PHB parser :D


J said...

Same stuff, just more files.

Although some PHB files are almost total markup. The weapons,armor,equip.

On the plus side, true powers and magic items need 0 mark up.