Friday, August 15, 2008

Magic items, a how to.

Note 1: This is very similar to two earlier posts, but since the code is now available to the 4E_JPG public at large, I'm reposting it.

Note 2: Make sure you download and install the file I posted in the 1.0.2 release thread, without it, magic items will not work as I have described below.

These instructions are built around the user having a 4E_JPG module that contains magic items, armor, weapons, etc. My parsers will automatically generate the required modules from base data, or you could manually put the data into the XML. Any time the instructions call for you to drag something from the module, you could type the same data in by hand.

Step 1: We have nothing on either the item window.

Step 2: I open the magic weapon table and then drag one of the links (Dragonslayer Weapon +2) over to the Item window.

Step 3: I open the item to edit it.

Step 4: Now I open my weapon table and drag the stats for a Longspear onto the Dragonslayer Weapon. The stats populate (Armor will populate the correct fields as well)

Step 5: Now I key in a generic description and change the name as I would before I hand the item to a player (point and laugh at my typos)

Step 6: Next I drop the item on the character's sheet. Once I do this, the player has a unique copy of the item. It is not linked back to the item in the item box. Changes must be made from the player's character sheet. Oh and the +2 is the Prof bonus, not the magic item bonus. It's a left over from the 3.5 ruleset and may be removed at some future date.

Step 7: Following the shortcut from the player sheet brings up a slightly different view. Notice the tabs are gone and there is now a check box controlling it's identified status.

Step 8: The player gets a very similar view of the item, except the check box is missing.

Step 9: Now I toggle the identified status and the full stats appear

Step 10: The player's view automatically updates to reflect the change in status.

Step 11: The item can be dropped on the combat tab exactly like any other weapon.

Step 12: If the item contains powers, the powers can be dropped onto the character's power sheet and will appear in the Item power list.

Step 13: Several fields on the item sheet (such as Critical and Damage) support double clicking. Also if the item has any powers, these work just like powers on a player sheet (double click to activate, highlighting/double click rolling of text within the description).

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