Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I tossed a version of the Monster Manual parser and some instructions and sample files up on FUM. It is in the D&D 4th Edition FG Development group's forum. Here is a direct link. But it may not work if you are not a member of the board.

I've said before the MM Parser requires more mark up than the other parsers, however it's a HUGE time saver once you get it running.

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David said...

Thanks, J!

In the interim of you releasing this parser, I started to code my own in Python. So far it can separate and tag everything fairly successfully without markup, but only if you feed it one monster at a time. I've yet to code a way for it to comb the monster manual and figure out where the monsters start and stop... and even if I did, it would be so rules-laden that it would be very slow and potentially inaccurate. I think I'll still continue to work on it though.

Also it's not fancy and doesn't use a GUI window, it runs in a command shell :P

Anywho, thank you much for releasing what you have. I'll try to get it running tonight.