Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Actually playing...

Tuesday night is my game night, we've been slogging through H1- Keep on the Shadowfell for a while now, the party is a mix of level 2-3 and up until last week, I thought everything was going well.

A while back I took over a rogue named Thelgar the Bloody. I thought the name was just a bit overly dramatic. It turns out, it wasn't. The party had given Thelgar the nickname after several encounters went bad and he was constantly Bloodied. I had a few close calls with Thelgar myself but I shrugged them off to a bad stealth roll that put me in the middle of more skeletons than I could count.

Well last week, Thelgar died. In the first round of an encounter he nearly killed some sort of hobgoblin caster. Unfortunately the caster returned the favor with some AE. The rest of the fight didn't go much better as the party ended up split and just keeping the tanks alive was straining our healing... in the end....
Last night we get ambushed following a short rest. It turns out our old ally/enemy Splug the goblin is back. Apparently he harbors some sort of revenge complex for Valbin, my wizard. During the course of the fight another goblin caster threw and ae that blasted the party about. Valbin used his Shield power to stay up. As an unfortunate side effect all the people between Valbin and the ranged goblins were blow out of the way. A few arrows later, Valbin was on the ground.

Enter Splug he does a run by spear chuck thing and rolls a 20. Valbin goes negative bloodied (hell he goes negative his max hps). And so....Fortunately everyone else survived and Splug didn't make it out of the encounter alive. Afterwards the party decided to go back to Winterhaven and raise the dead. There was a brief incident with some undead uprising in the local graveyard. However the four party members I hadn't managed to kill, mopped them up without any difficulty.

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