Monday, September 15, 2008

MM 1.3.0

I just put the latest version of the MM parser up on FUM. It works with both the current (1.0.2) and upcoming release of 4E_JPG. To get full functionality in 1.0.2 there is a minor modification required, I'll post the details in the FUM thread linked above.

This what I have in my changelog since the last release. It's not complete but it covers the highlights:

1.3.0 - Public release version 9/15/2008
* Tokens now dumped into token\ subdirectory. This cuts down on the visual clutter
* Out Name filtered for invalid file characters
* Fixed ZToken overwritting bug.
* ZToken now automatically adds .png to the end of the text if it doesn't end in .png

1.2.12 - Tokens
* Updated to support optional files like the PHB parser
* Added new file for Token Directory. This is the source directory tokens
will be copied from
* Added ZToken tag to fluff parser. Use this to set the token name. If no
name is set it attempt to match the NPC name to an existing token file. Only tokens that
are matched are copied into output\tokens directory.

Note: for ZToken expects just the file name. No path information.

1.2.8 - H3 Parsing
Vampire Spawn has a "," in the Claws power where it should be a ";"
Frenzied Werewolf has a role of "(Brute)" it should be Brute
* Description parsed and output on the Other tab.


Fixes / Changes / Enhancements.

* Fixed the Sword Wraith exit tag....but for realz this time

---FRCG stuff----
* Added ability to parse (;;) and (;;)
formatting on powers
(ex: Sharn power Hex Portal)

* Added "sight" as an acceptable range for an aura
(ex: Terpenzi)

* Added "Primordial" as an acceptable role
(ex: Blazing Rorn the Fury )

* Enhanced the lore formatter so that the format DC ##: is converted into
DC ##:
(ex: Luthvaerynn)

* Handled conditional defenses The conditional section gets rolled into the Special defenses
section instead of just being eaten.
(ex: Zairtail Cutter AC 19 (23 against opportunity attacks))

* Allowed powers to appear in more places with in the stat block
(ex: Zairtail Firetongue's Scalding body)

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