Friday, October 17, 2008

For those of you playing along at home...

The DMG has some nasty tables in it. Formatting these in FGII's HTML by hand is NOT FUN.
This particular wonder from the Actions the Rules Don't cover section of chapter 3 is a real beast. Unfortunately it's one of the more useful tables in the entire book, so I couldn't just leave it looking all mangled (not that I would have anyhow).

I'm now finished through chapter 3. I have to add the DMG diseases (they have a different format than the MM diseases...naturally, add the poison stat blocks and then link them all in.

But after screwing with the table way too long I'm done for the night


David said...

If I can get that one chart into a module, the DMG is done for me. I don't tend to find any DM-related ingame modules very useful... I enjoy having a book on my desk out of game to read. Screen real estate is valuble!

Also you may want to note something in your next iteration of the PHB parser. I banged my head against the desk trying to get Vehicles to parse in correctly. The trick was putting a newline after ZZXBEGIN, and not having ZZXBEGIN in-line with the vehicle name. This is a little contrary with the powers markup which has X... ZZX in line with the power.

But anyway... got it working... and another book goes up on the digital shelf.

J said...

Well get typing then. The new DMG parser was released on 11/4 It supports text/image reference.

Nothing like hand formatting the 500 tables within the DMG.