Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Text and more Text...and some graphics too

Between releases right now, so I worked on adding the text reference and images to my modules for the Monster Manual and the FR: Player's Guide. The MM was very easy since almost everything is already handled by the fluff parser, just sidebars, glossary and the intro needed input.

The FR:PG was a whole other story, the background section was particularly grueling. But it's done, so yay me.


David said...

Ok Ten help me out, feeling kind of stupid right now.

How do I parse in the mounts from the AV? The way you've got it in the reference document you included with the parser makes it sound like they should be in the armor file, but that results in a subscript out of range error when trying to parse.


J said...

Mounts do go in the armor file....

ZMount; Blade spider; 13,000; 6; 3 miles; 30 miles; 250; 500; 1,250;Blade Spider

Would be the first line of the table.

David said...

hmm, that's what I thought I did o_O I'll try it again.

David said...

Finally figured it out. I failed to notice the name is in the line twice (I was missing the one at the end).

J said...

The first name is what is displayed in the table.

The name at the end is the name of the monster included in the NPC file.

They are different in a few cases.