Tuesday, November 4, 2008

4E_JPG 1.3

moon_wizard has released a new version of the ruleset which has my critical hit/brutal/disease/poison changes in place. Along with a few other really nice features.

I've released a new version of my parsers to go along with the new version of the ruleset. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the functional and class templates done in time for the ruleset release. So you can parse them and at some future point they will be accessible. Really they are just displays right now, so you aren't missing much.

You get find my parsers over on FourUglyMonsters in this thread


Nibelung said...

How i install it on FG2?

J said...

The parsers aren't installed on FGII. They run as a separate program. They output files which you can then make into a FGII module.