Saturday, December 13, 2008

And now for something completly different

So in my spare time, I'm considering actually running a game as a DM. You know if I ever finish parsing everything in the universe.

One thing I found a little lacking was a way to handle skill challenges. I really like the concept, and some DMs/adventures do a good job with them. But FGII really has no way to handle them. So I spent some time today working on....
The skill challenge tracker!

Right now anything you drop on the boxes reads as a success or a failure (depending on the box you drop it on). And the totals update at the bottom. Consider this version 0.9

I'd like to make it smart enough to handle a skill roll drop and compare it to the DC automatically and then add it to the right column. Also to keep a list of the player who made the roll...but that's more work than I wanted to do on a Saturday.

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