Thursday, December 18, 2008

The triumph and failure of parser 2.0

Looking at the Manual of the Planes, I am glad I revised the parser. Read a few pages and all of a sudden there is a disease stat block. A little further and some trap stat blocks....then npcs, magic items, paragon paths, rituals and yes even vehicles.

Aside from a few cut and paste errors, the parser handled everything well. Traps were the biggest stumbling block...mostly because WoTC just seems to change formats randomly. Every trap in the book has a line that read something like: Hazzard XP 1,000....except ONE trap has Hazzard 1,000 XP. Wheee! There is also a trap that has two triggers. I see now that triggers should be tied to attacks, and I may end up doing that. However the 2.0 just output all the triggers in the "Other" section. Eh.

The failure? The biggest problem is actually the library. The library tags for the PHB, DMG, MM, were all named in a special manner which allowed them to sort nicely. Unfortunately, when you take data from multiple sources....well they jumble together. Yeah it's minor but it annoys me.

And speaking of jumbles, here's some random data:

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