Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bring on the subs....

It's been ages since I posted anything about actually playing 4E. Truth is I'm now involved in two weekly games which are pretty regular. I'd say in the average month I get to play 7 all is good.

My original Tuesday group folded after H1, and eventually I joined up with the legendary Xorne's group. The game moved around a bit but eventually settled on Saturday evening. There have been a lot of character substitutions (no one from H1 is still with the party). In a way that gives us a leg up because we got to generate new characters with our knowledge from H1 and full access to items/feats/powers from DDI/Martial Power/AV/etc. And we need it, as this group only runs 4 characters at the moment. So the intrepid Fighter, Ranger, Warlord and Barbarian completed cutting a swath through Horned Hold last night. No one died, but a lot of healing surges were expended. Looking at our modified "Surges Remaining" tracker was pretty grim. The fighter had 4 or 5, the warlord had 0, and my barbarian had 1. Of course the ranger had like 30 or something...but who counts on a ranger?
The final "boss" fight wasn't looking too good for our team. My barbarian in particular couldn't roll over a 6. And then in 1 round it changed. I managed to kill a druegar after missing him for 3 rounds in a row (with combat advantage) and using swift charge I scored a dreaded critical hit on the boss. Not to be outdone, everyone else started scoring critical hits and the boss went from "Hahah you weak mortals can't hurt me!" to "This cannot be! I must escape to fight another day!".

I'll try and post something about my Thursday group as well. They are probably 4-6 sessions behind my Tuesday group.

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