Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not my regular Tuesday....

Usually on Tuesday I get to drive my enemies before me and crush them with my awesome dwarven barbarian Hafgrim (okay he's been rolling like crap recently but I can dream!). However, this week the legendary Xorne (aka Jason) was swamped at work or something unimportant so he called off the session.

Well I have a new version of the ruleset that is in final testing (i.e. no one is adding new stuff until this version gets released). I've been itching to see how it actually performs so I did something I never do, and moved behind the DM screen for a session.

Now I'm good at a lot of things, but adventure design isn't something I've done a lot of. So I decided to take the easy way out and run one of the Lairs from Open Grave. Battlefield Downs in fact. Everyone made new characters/versions of their current characters that were the right level and we had Eric (my Thursday night DM) and Jake (who was supposed to be observing Xorn's GMing but instead suffered through mine!) round out the party. So 5 level 6 adventurer's stomped into a two encounter lair designed for 5 level 7 adventurers (what, they like a challenge!).

Unfortunately the ruleset did a few "strange" things that I need to look at. It's always possible my own GM ineptitude was the cause of some of the difficulty. The group struggled through (even with really bad rolls) and many undead were slain...and then slain again when they got back up.

I did manage to snap a screen shot of the fight in progress. It really doesn't show off much in the way of new features. The chat box contains a few effect drop messages and you can see the effect and modifier windows towards the middle of my desk top.

The Lair from Open Grave (and I assume the ones from Dragonomicon: Chromatic Dragons) worked pretty well. With minimal prep time (around 2 hours) I was able to throw something together that was playable. If I had more experience as a DM it probably would have been even better. That gives me a lot of hope for the Dungeon Delve book (which was unfortunately delayed).

I hope to get the ruleset issues ironed out today. Maybe even play again tonight, definitely on Thursday.

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