Monday, March 2, 2009

1.4 features

Reposted from the patch notes.

v1.4 changes from v1.3

* Effects
- An campaign effects window has been added to the upper right button menu.
The campaign effects can only be edited by the host.
- Character powers now have an effects list which is shown with the power
attacks. These effects can be edited by any client.
- Effects can be interchangeably dragged and dropped between a combat tracker
entry, a character power effect list and the campaign effect window.
- Effects can be reported to the chat window on the host by simply
double-clicking them or dragging them to the chat window. Any effects
reported in this way can be dragged by the host onto a combat tracker entry,
a character power attack/effects section or the campaign effects window.
- When effects are cleared in the combat tracker, all effect subsections
will automatically be closed.
- Added an option that will automatically roll effect saving throws. This
option will not remove the effect on a successful save, it just makes the
roll so you don't forget. The flag can be turned on for all combat tracker
entries or NPCs only.
- If the effect save roll option is on, then combat entries which are dying
will automatically roll a death saving throw when the next actor button is
clicked while it is active.
* Combat
- Attack rolls, damage rolls and effects can now be dropped onto tokens
linked to the combat tracker (for the host only). Player access to
token drops is still being investigated.
- Added option to report attack and damage rolls, in addition to the
auto-apply option. For attack rolls, the report option will show the
target of an attack in the chat window, but not check the defense
automatically. For damage rolls, the option will show the target of the
damage roll in the chat window, but will not apply the damage
- Attack rolls, damage rolls and effects that have already been output to
the chat window can now be dragged and dropped onto the combat tracker.
The host can also drop onto token linked to the combat tracker.
- Campaign options are available to determine whether players are allowed
to drop attack rolls, damage rolls and effects onto the combat tracker.
- Surges remaining field added to combat tracker entries to allow players
and GMs a quick view of surges remaining for PCs.
- Buttons added on GM combat tracker to expand/contract a subsection for all
combat tracker entries at once.
- Added checkbox near Action Point field to track whether an action point has
been used this encounter. Resets on short or extended rest.
- Added checkbox near Initiative field to track whether an immediate action
has been used this round. Resets at beginning of turn or when resting.
- When NPC entries in the combat tracker are deleted, any tokens on a map
associated with that combat tracker entry will also be deleted.
- Attack, damage and effect text parsing in NPC and PC description fields has
been completely reworked to support more options, including crit damage
rolls, combo effects, replacement effects, multiple damage type support,
and more.
- When NPCs are dropped onto the combat tracker, their attacks will now
contain flags indicating whether there are special options for their
[SA] = more than one attack, or attack is more complex than +# vs. DEF
[SD] = more than one damage, or damage is more complex than #d#+#
[EFF] = power can apply one or more effects
- When NPCs are dropped onto the combat tracker, any attacks with the
recharge option will show "[R:n]" where n is the recharge number. If the
host double-clicks on the recharge note or an attack roll is dragged or
double-clicked, an effect will automatically be added to the combat
tracker entry which will cause a recharge check to be made at the start
of this combat entry's turn.
- When a recharge effect roll is made at the start of an entry's turn, the
roll will automatically be checked versus the recharge value, and the
recharge effect removed if the power successfully recharges.
- If more than one combat entry shares the same initiative, then the effects
on each entry that also have the same initiative will only trigger and
expire on that entry's turn.
- When more than one combat entry shares the same initiative, the initiative
bonus will be used as a tie breaker to determine order in combat. If the
bonuses are also equal, then it is up to the GM to resolve the tie.
* Skill Challenges
- Add skill challenge tracker window acccessible via upper right menu button.
Just open the window, set the DC for the skills that are part of this
challenge, let the players roll, then just drag the result onto the SC
tracker. This data is not stored in the database, so it will be gone
when the window is closed.
- Support for skill challenge module references added.
* Character Sheets
- When applying a healing surge and a character is at negative hit points,
the character's remaining hit points will be set to zero before applying
the healing surge.
- When displaying a power either by activating the power or double-clicking
the name, an abbreviation of the action required to use the power will also
be displayed.
- When a power is added to the character powers sheet via a dropped reference,
the power list for that power's type will always be shown.
- Rewrote drop handling to better parse power attack and damage rolls
(especially for rangers)
- Powers and weapons now contain a field for specifying damage type.
Additionally, weapons have a separate field for critical damage type. If a
critical damage roll is made from a weapon entry, both standard and
critical damage types will be shown. If a power damage roll is made, then
the weapon damage type and weapon critical damage type will be included as
relevant. The damage type for power attacks and weapons can be accessed
via the icon in the lower right corner of the attack item.
* Misc
- An option has been added to ring a bell on the client, when that player's
character becomes active in the combat tracker.
- When dragging dice rolls, they can now be dropped onto the modifier stack.
The modifier stack will not roll the dice, but will add a modifier slot
using the dragged roll name and number value.
- When dropping numbers from the chat window onto the modifier stack, any
text added to end of chat string for dice roll totals will now be removed.
- Added a personal option to output the weapon used with each power attack
and damage roll to be included in the attack and damage chat text.
- Revised options dialog to use tabbed format
- Added menu button to CT. Just right click the button to access the CT
- Added random numbering option to Auto NPC Numbering combat option.
- Added creature template support.
- Added NPC alternate power list support
- When the active combat tracker entry changes to an NPC, the active entry's
name will be made the current speaking identity for the GM.
- Names in most reference/adventure lists are now draggable. (powers, feats,
rituals, equipment, magic items, monsters/NPCs, story entries, encounters,
maps, items, personalities)

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