Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun times with the PHB2

First I did some work to parse the prereq for rituals. It needs a little cleaning up but it's functional for now. Next I switched the \r conversion from using paragraph markers to using tabular formatting. It looks a little better.

Next I moved onto one of the big problems...something I call "Granted" powers. The Warden is rife with these, but a few other classes have them as well. Essentially the Warden activates a Wonder Twin power and they get another power. The parser now handles this garbage.

And finally, because it annoyed me.... I went through and rewrote the output routine for powers. Now it maintains the order of items that it parsers. Previous versions always sorted them in a specific order. The powers below go "Hit-Dynamic-Miss" and "Hit-Miss-Dynamic"

Now I just need to get the Invoker summon garbage working.

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