Monday, March 9, 2009


15 delves done, 15 to go. I made a little template that I use to set up a delve. If I don't get distracted I can do one in around 15 minutes. However I'm often distracted and it takes me 30 minutes or so.

Does anyone know where to get an updated version of the DDM Tile mapper? I hear rumors that a version exists that contains up to DT7. This would be great since the maps in Dungeon Delves are all tile based and I have yet to notice a Delve that uses tiles beyond DT7.


StriderLS7 said...

I think the work you have done on this is great - Any chance you would post your template to help the rest of us out. Thanks!

StriderLS7 said...

Found a Yahoo Group which has the DTM and associated tile sets -

J said...

Thanks, I joined and grabbed a copy of everything.
I'll experiment with creating the maps today. I hope it's as easy as it sounds because there are a LOT of maps.