Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pins everywhere!

Way way way back in the day (like August!) I did a parse of H3...just the monsters and traps. I thought it was pretty good at the time. Of course back then Traps were handled by the DMG parser and NPCs were handled by the MM parser. It was possible to manually merge the two, but it wasn't very straight forward. Flash forward a few months and you have....
A greatly enchanced version of my original H3 work. This now features npcs, traps, tokens, magic items, maps, map pins, tokens, encounters, story elements, etc etc. I think I just finished it today at lunch...I'll have to double check it.

H3 was a pretty good test of the 3.0 series parser, it contains a lot of elements and I discovered a few things building a module from scratch.

Oh and Elixirs because Namyra noticed that the parser wasn't building an output list for them:


Olodrin said...

Okay, how do you do the pinwork? do they display information when you hover over them in FG2?


J said...

Pins are map shortcuts in FGII.

You can display them by right clicking on the map and navigating to the show pin selection (I forget where it is off the top of my head) or by holding CTRL.

When you mouse over a pin it will show you the title associated with the pin. Clicking on the pin will open up the object linked to it.

You can link stories, items, npcs, traps, and encounters as pins