Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3.5.0 released

Available on FUM

What's new
****************************Public Release: 5/19/2009 *****************
* Converted Parser to .NET (it was more difficult than it sounds)
* Changed resize behavior/UI
* Fixed cascade of Miss into Sustained
* Fixed auras so the last character was no longer being lost.
* Changed the way Dynamic elements work to correct some issues
* Allowed Regional data to cascade into Benefits
* Integrated SharpZip for internal compression. No need for WinZip/WinRar. No more batch file, no more compression engine flags!
* Tree Output changed/fixed.
* File defined as thumbnail is automatically renamed to thumbnail.png as part of the output process
* Handling of the "A" power icon for NPC powers greatly improved. Line wrapping should no longer be needed.

The Parser should automatically install a shortcut to a Documents folder that contains samples, templates and documents. The Samples section has been revised so it has a Parse Instructions directory which can be used to build any of the sample modules.

1 comment:

Kirk said...

I didn't think that the built-in compression would make such a difference, but it's been awesome. Now, if we can just get FG2 to push their next version...