Monday, June 22, 2009

CC3 is a piece of crap

It's the worst program I've ever had the misfortune of using. Rendering maps as ascii graphics would be better.

Twenty thumbs down.


zephp said...

J, do yourself a favour and buy Photoshop CS4. Its a fantastic and very versatile grahics package. Very simple to do maps as well.

J said...

The DnD Tile mapper is the only good map program I've found so far. All the others are way too complex.

Someone needs to make tiles that perfectly emulate the look of the published maps. That or WOTC needs to take all that money I'm paying for DnD Insider stop all the garbage player content and give me full scale seemless maps without any marks for every adventure.

Heck at this point I'd pay twice my subscription price if they just stopped making: New classes, new paragon paths, new races, new epic destinies.

zephp said...

Lol. I thought I was the only one still using Jai (Hordeling's?) DnD Tile Mapper tool. I have version 2.0 (unlimited tiles) which is pretty cool. I also have a shed load of tiles from the 3.5E days. Agree an updated tile set for 4E would be great.

Still shouldn't be that hard to photoshop a couple of large scale maps to turn them into a nice tile set. Did you have any particular set in mind I only have DU1.

J said...

The one you get off the dnd tile mapping yahoo group has unlimited tiles and support for all the tilesets.

I want tiles that make maps exactly like the source material. A set that could be used to build exact replicas of H1, H2, H3, DMG, Kobold Hall etc.

Their maps look too standard for them not to be using some fixed set of symbols/tiles.