Monday, June 15, 2009

Color Madness!

Just an experiment
Original on the Left, Experiment on the Right


Meloc said...

Am I allowed to be jealous?

DNH said...

That looks great!

Two questions: how do we get this - ruleset update, revised parser, what?

And is it possible to carry this colouring over into the CT for NPCs (I'm guessing no but you've surprised me before)?

J said...

The catalog changes shown in previous posts require a parser upgrade. This particular change (mini-sheet) does not.

Both require ruleset changes which have been submitted but not yet approved.

NPCs would be a bigger change. On the minisheet, the powers are each a unique item in a list.
On the CT, the NPC powers are actually just 1 long string (remember how it looked before the carriage returns were added?)

The CT would need to be restructured to use a list instead of a string, and that's not trivial, but it has been discussed before.

It's not next on my list.