Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Improvements

I played around with a few options for displaying the catalog. The massive expanding list pictured in the original post had some serious performance issues. I tried putting all the classes in the library and that worked...until I added paragon paths, then the library became a mess.

I did a little more work and adapted the manual class. The end result seems to perform quite well. I managed to get features and paragon powers working. The next phase will Epic Destinies and Racial Powers. But here's the updated look:


zephp said...

Glad to hear the performance hasn't knee capped the feature. I must admit I wondered if performance would become an issue. I like the layout though, looking very nice :)

Olodrin said...

Wow... that is tremendous. Very intuitive. Is this a format that will assemble itself from older files with powers and so on, or will this require extensive re-entry of data?

J said...

It scans the module directory, decompresses the XML files from the modules, verifies they are 4E_JPG ruleset modules and then extracts any power data.

Once it completes scanning all the modules it builds a special "catalog" module.

The only thing the user should need to tell it is where their modules are stored and what they want to catalog (currently only powers).