Thursday, July 16, 2009

2.0 testing

My Scales of War group got to play beta tester for the v2.0 ruleset this week. Everything seemed to work pretty well. There were a few minor issues that I noted and need to confirm as bugs. Nothing that stopped us from playing. If you're really interested you can read all about the session here. But it's mostly story and quotes, not anything terribly useful.

So I took a screenshot as one of the encounters was ending. From the chat/CT you can effects being applied and removed. As moon_wizard previously posted, effects have a lot more functionality in 2.0 I'll leave the details to him, but I will say they make both the DM and the Player's life easier.

Note that the right hand icons and the center desktop image (obscured) are part of an extension I made, they aren't part of the ruleset itself. They are based off DevinNight's original DND reskin (I never got the version with the encounter icon..doh!) and an image Zeph sent me. You can find Devin's Reskin in a thread buried deep the FUM group. I actually made an extension containing his entire reskin and sent it on for him to distribute if he wanted. Everything else appears as it does in the ruleset

(I split the image into 3 parts for better display)


DNH said...

Sweet! As Cartman would say.

That little word 'ATKM:1' makes me very excited and opens up a whole new world, assuming it does what I think it does and applies a +1 attack modifier.

Roll on release time!

Tchelu said...
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Tchelu said...


is there any chance to you put all this modules to download ??


DNH said...

I can answer that one for you, Tchelu.

The short answer is No.

The long answer is No, because of copyright reasons. The modules contain copyrighted and IP material. Tenian would be in trouble if he made them available for download and especially if he accepted payment for them.

Tenian did go to WotC, however, to ask if he could publish his SoW FG2 module (you liking all these acronyms?!) but has yet to receive a reply, which he is wisely taking as a negative response.

I will say though that with the latest version of Tenian's parser and a little time, you can produce your own modules which are not that much different from these. I know because I have done them myself, all the way up to Beyond the Mottled Tower.

Tchelu said...

hmm i see...

i hasn´t thought about the copyrights ...

ok .. nice work you have there ..


J said...

I don't do anything special with the parser / ruleset that doesn't eventually get released to the public. I never hand edit the XML of the parser output. I don't
have any special tools. Heck I use just plain old notepad to build the source files, not even fancy notepad++.

So everything you see here, you'll eventually be able to create yourself, assuming you are willing to put the time into it. Admittedly my modules go a bit to the extreme in my attempts to replicate the printed material. But you can make fully functional modules with much less effort.

Especially with the books that were available in pdf format. If you were lucky enough to buy them back then. Compendium scraping or OCR work as well but they are much more time consuming.

DNH said...

"compendium scraping"! Love it! :)