Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Divine Power Update

I finished all the mechanicals (powers, features, feats, rituals, backgrounds) a few days ago. I didn't find anything that looked incorrect or anything the parser should have had issues with. I made only 2 changes to the parser.

The first splits divinity and domain feats into separate lists.

The other ignores the word "Create" when trying to match a ritual/alchemy to an alchemical item. So "Create Holy Water" properly links to the Holy Water item.

I haven't gone over all the powers yet, I expect the problems to be more data related (typos/ocr) than true parsing engine errors. In fact divine power added the fewest dynamic tags of any book, I only recall "Powers" and "Censure of Unity".

The reference section has been beating me up for the last few days. I tried a variety of methods to clean up the reference portions of the text, but in the end I can only get it up to around 75% usable, that leaves me fixing 25% by hand. Good thing it's not a reference heavy book. I may finish chapter 4 today. I've already extracted it all, I just need to error check it and reformat it. It's all depending on how much work I do for my session tomorrow.

Tough choice...diabolical encounters to slay PCs or the completeness of Divine Power.

Oh Divine Power has also put my reskinning projects on hold. Only so many hours in the day and all that. I still have a list of a dozen things that need reskinning (about half of them are simple).

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