Monday, July 20, 2009

More reskinning

Just the power lists and the feat list. I modified the parser to change the output powerlist groups to more closely match the printed materials.


Karazax said...

Looks really good. So is all this reskinning going to be included in the next 4e version, or if not will you be making an extension for it?

J said...

I assume it will all be included eventually. What actually makes the next release depends on where it falls in terms of testing/integration.

The revamped power screens and the manual were in the last test release, so they will be in 2.0. Beyond that I can't say for sure.

A reskin extension isn't practical for a lot of the changes because the fields get moved about/code is added to colorize things/etc. This would require the extension to contain the changed window classes instead of just the new graphics that are being used.

Tony said...

I am new to FG and am wondering how I get ahold of some of what you are doing, and how I can learn how to use/mod it? I am a developer who is just getting back into d&d and out group is playing 4e. I just bought 1 FG2 full and 4 lites for my group. Any tools that help with the 4e play would be appreciated. (already have the 4e_jpg ruleset, couldn't download the parser, said it was being updated?)

J said...

You can find the parser at this link:

I just downloaded it without any issue.

As for modifications, you have the XML files which make up the ruleset. That controls how everything is displayed an how things actually work. You can modify them in any way you see fit, but future updates of the ruleset will probably overwrite your changes. You may be able to make some changes in extensions, but that can also cause problems.

As for the data behind these screens, the parsers build the various modules based upon the data you input. Either via pdfs, scraping the compendium,OCR, or by hand typing if you are really desperate. The parser is not open source, the only person who makes changes to it is me.

If you think you have a great feature to add to the ruleset or the parser, your best bet is to post in the 4E development group over at FUM. You can find it here: