Monday, August 3, 2009

Marvel at the words of Hafgrim.....

I had an idea while I was altering the magic item class. So I threw together a quick extension using some fonts from Zeph (elven and dwarven) and some from the web (draconic and goblin). I'm still messing with it. But at the moment the DM gets the translation, no one else does.

It's really just for fun.


Karazax said...

I wonder if it would be possible to some how tie the ability for characters to translate in game to having the proper language skill for your character?

Otherwise I guess you could whisper the translation to those who know the language.

J said...

You could do it if you wanted.
You would have to add something that associated the font to a language.

You would have to cycle through the characters in the database, cycle through the languages they know and then match them to the language being spoken. Any characters that match could be stored in a table

Once you have that table built, you'd have to cycle through the players connected, to see if those IDs are in use. If an ID matches the value in your table, add the ID holder to another table.

After delivering the funky message to everyone, cycle through the table of ID holders that had a character who spoke the language and deliver a translated message to them.

It was a bit more work than I wanted to do yesterday.

Karazax said...

That would be cool, but sounds like a lot of work for a fluff feature.

Todd said...

This is a nice feature! I hope it makes the next cut.