Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Item sets powers

In addition to supporting even more ZLINK options, the new version of the parser now supports "Item Set Power" in the same format as "Feature" or "Feat Power"


Olodrin said...

Excellent; I was just flipping through the AV2 and wondering how I was going to handle that.

How's the parser testing coming?

Tobey H. said...

This is shaping up to be so well-rounded. I want you to know I'm making a 1 year D&DI sub as soon as you launch this new version. :P WoTC should be giving you some kickbacks for this!

J said...

Truth be told, Item Set powers are actually missing from the Compendium :) I'm not sure why they weren't included, but that's just how it is. If they were there (or if they show up in a future update) the parser would extract and process them.

It will work through a book like the AV/AV2 in somewhere between 1 and 1.5 hours and while that seems like a pretty large amount of time, it's way faster than the manual method. Magic item heavy books are the slowest because each level of the item is actually a separate compendium entry. This means the AV/AV2 pack nearly 2000 items each. A "* Power" book will usually drop in 30 minutes or so.

Oh and I fixed it so the screen doesn't go off into blank not responding land while it's processing, so switching out of the parser and doing something else is actually a possibility now (although I wouldn't recommend playing a MMO as the 2000 web requests tend to hurt connection speeds).

Olodrin said...

I'm worried that when this thing comes out we're all going to use it at the same time and crash the Compendium.

J said...

Hah, well the free Gen Con version didn't