Thursday, October 22, 2009

2 images from Session 2 of 2.0 version 2

That's a lot of 2's. The images might not display very large, blogger used to not like it when I sent huge images. I'll find somewhere else to host them later if this doesn't work.

You can only really appreciate the ruleset changes when you have a fight involving 6 different insubstantial vulnerable creatures with regen who throw weakened around.

The stuff I blacked out is plotty type stuff for the ongoing adventure.

The square portraits and modified link icon are actually extensions sent to me by Zeph. Everything else is 2.0 stock. I should have had the npc power screen open in one of the shots, but I forgot. Maybe next time.


DNH said...

Very nice. *sigh*

I particularly like the square portraits, especially since I have taken to using square tokens of late. They are just more expressive, presumably because there is more space available. They also look better on the map.

J said...

Contact Zeph for the square portrait extension. It should work just fine in 1.5.1. Quite possibly in any ruleset as it is just a matter of frame/graphic swaps.

Olodrin said...

Dude, you are a grid-master! I can never get the published maps to line up with the FG2 grid... How do you ado that?

J said...

I zoom in and draw the grid. Since I tend to use a map of all the encounters stitched together into one large image, I often make an adjustment for each encounter as needed.

J said...

I did some more experimenting. I found with wotc materials it works best for me if I start in the top left corner of a square and then draw to the bottom right. Ideally the start point will be in the dead center intersection of the top and left. The bottom should be drawn so it is just barely touching the bottom right (almost inside the printed grid lines).

This seems to draw the best grid. I believe this is required because WOTC grids aren't just lines but are actually beveled so the lines are not all the same thickness.

Your milage may vary.