Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Parser 4.0.38

Is now available on FUM.

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Olodrin said...


Olodrin said...

FUM has been timing out for me all day, so I figured I'd post here. I finally got the cataloging to work, and it looks great.

Do you think it would be possible at some point in the future to do something similar with feats, or that be a giant pain in the proverbial backside?

J said...

Glad it finally worked.

The problem with feats is the sheer number of them. Even breaking them by tier I'm not sure I'll be able to get them to display without issues.

Case in point, the original catalog did not use a dual frame design. It had everything in a single list. It opened displaying the classes, then drilled down to the levels and finally the powers. Unfortunately it took 10 minutes+ to open the list because there are so many nodes (have you ever counted the number of paragon paths?)

Lowlander said...

thanks for the work!

Lowlander said...

Rescraped all the modules I use, worked a treat. I put all my additional content for each module in a seperate folder that is then merged with the scraped content by a small console app I wrote. Seems to work ok, and should allow to rescrape later if needed. Encountered no errors!

I have a small question too. Going to DM as well soon and after entering a lot of story elements for Rivenroar in FG I was going to use the parser completely for making Bordrin's Watch.

I'm having trouble getting my story items to show up though. What's the minimum required?

I'm doing:
My story item
This is my very short paragraph

in my story file and nothing appears in the story section when I open the module. All my npcs etc in the library pop up fine. Thought I'd start out simple before I start adding links etc ;)

Lowlander said...

I think I managed to find the issue.

Added a ZCATEGORY to get a tab to show up at the bottom, saw them when I selected that!

DNH said...

Tenian, with the demise of the FUM site at the end of April, do you yet know where you will be offering downloads and support for your parser?