Friday, August 6, 2010

Public Release

You can get the latest version here:

I know it works with the MM3. I also ran tests on the original MM, the compendium updated a mass of data in the original MM. Much of it related to the origin/type/keywords of NPCs...and a lot of it seems wrong. Nothing I can do, WOTC needs to fix it.

Version History:
Note: to use the NPC Database features the Microsoft Office or the ACE drivers are required.
ACE drivers can be downloaded at the following address:

****************************Public Release: 8/6/2010 *****************
* NPCs: Lore parsed into non-formattedtext nodes for easy ruleset access

* NPCs: Changed output of MM3 style auras

* Compendium: Repair original MM data involving changes to the flavor, flavoralt and flavorIndent classes

* Compendium: Remove more of the silly "Update/Revision/Deleted/Addition" history tags in npcs

* Compendium: Fixed problem where Derro "Strength of Mind" was incorrectly detected as the start of the Str stat

* NPCs: Support for the mr power tag (new in MM3)

* Compendium: Fixed missing description data in all npc formats

* Compendium: Fixed missing equipment data in all npc formats

* Powers: Fixed an issue with Granted paragon path powers where the name of the path was in the power. Primal Power Wardens

* Compendium: Fixed Language in MM3 format

* Compendium: Handle some exceptions like the Great Ape

* Compendium: Initial Code to handle new MM3 format data

* Compendium: Remove more of the silly "Update/Revision/Deleted/Addition" history tags in powers/feats

* Compendium: Added code to remove the ", page " data from feats and powers


Zap said...

Since I'm not a DM, what did they update for the MM1 stuff that makes it seem wrong? I know my DM told me about how he is using the updated Damage rules for all MM1 monsters.

Olodrin said...


Sorry for being a bit slow on the uptake, but are you saying this version of the parser will not handle original MM monsters as they exist now in the compendium, or it won't handle them period?

My existing critter library is based on scrapes done before the MM3 update. Will those files still work with this parser?


J said...

The compendium contains bad data for MM1 (and possibly other sources). The parser will handle them, but as the saying goes: Garbage in, Garbage out.

For an example see the humble Fire Bat:

Unless I missed an update where the Fire Bat changed from:
Medium elemental beast (fire)

Medium natural elemental aberrant immortal fey shadow beast magical beast animate humanoid (fire)

The MM1 data is riddled with similar changes.

Olodrin said...


Is the new parser compatible with my old monster manual data and fluff files?

J said...

The parser continues to support everything that it always has.

The majority of changes were in the extraction portion of the code. And even this should still function for older books.

Olodrin said...

Hey J,

The parser worked flawlessly with my MM3 material, but when I add the MM3 data to my existing monster manual file data file, the parser hangs at

Outputing XML for Encounters

Any thoughts?


Czarisyn said...

I'm still getting "Compendium returned a login screen. Account validation failed."

I have a screenshot of the entire progress, settings, and message box if you want me to send to you.

The account works, the password is correct. I can go on the dnd website and not have a single issue that says my account is invalid.

DM Drazulfel said...

35 levels of monstery goodness. Thank you!

DNH said...

I am not really a Monster Manual-using DM but this new parser version lets me compile my Tomb of Horrors FG2 module, so thanks heaps.

J said...

Olodrin you most likely have an error in either your fluff file or your encounter file.

Cz you are the only one reporting this issue. Do you connect through a proxy server or other non-standard Internet setup? I've extracted data literally thousands of times and the only time I ever get that is of I screw up my authentication

Czarisyn said...

Not going through a proxy. And it gets a lot of the "processing.." parts done then just quits.

The account information works, I can do several searches through the Compendium and it doesn't kick back an error.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OS if that helps.

Stray Neutrino said...

Still getting errors parsing MM3 data. I am not sure what I am doing differently than those who say they have done it successfully. Maybe they meant "scraped"?

Anyhow...craps out on some Bugbear Entry (Predatory Eye Power).

Stray Neutrino said...

Just out of curiosity, does installing new versions leave bits and pieces of older versions on the system that can cause problems or is it self-contained?

Stray Neutrino said...

Hmm. Interesting find. If I exclude the "Race, Powers, Class, and Rituals" (basically everything BUT the NPC data) for MM2, and MM3, they parse fine and come into FG in the new MM3 format.

J said...

Cz- it's just you. No one else has reported any issues. I recommend attempting to connect from another location. Wu fi hotspots are not difficult to find

Stray - I have no idea what you are attempting to parse. The mm3 has no powers races or features. It also doesn't contain predatory eye anywhere. That's from
The original mm maybe?

Czarisyn said...

So, I uninstalled the parser fully. Rebooted. Installed the latest release. Scaped for MM3 and it failed again. I immediately tried again and it went through fully. I actually got quite a few done that time.

Jundle said...

Thank you for the Parser! I have a question though. I have done a scrape of PH1, and in relation to Items, I can only seem to scrape magical items.

Is there a way I can get regular weapons and armor and so on?

I get a 0kb file in my output folder with no data in it in relation to regular items and armor and weapons and such.