Sunday, August 10, 2008

Even more Magic items

So I left a few things unfinished with magic items. When I completed my last round of updates, everything worked perfectly but there was one minor problem...if you gave an item to the player their view was the item_stat class which showed them....well everything.
Today I went back in and changed it so they see the "At a glance" description if the item is not identified:

Now it's important to remember once the item is dropped on a player, the new item is actually created, it is no longer tied back to the original. As such the GM view of a player item has an identified check box visible:
Toggling this box on a player will switch the sheet for the player.
Now players can actually have unidentified items in their inventory.

On a somewhat related change, I made it so item_player (the class shown above) can be dropped onto the combat tab of the character sheet. If you try and drop an item that isn't a weapon, the sheet will ignore the drop.

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