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PHB Parse 1.3.3

I released this over on FUM this morning. I think it fixes all the known issues and cleans up some items from before the FR Player's Guide. As you can see from the previous post, the mechanical aspects of the FR: Player's Guide are all in place and functioning.

Below are the full notes...(note Blogger likes to mangle htmlish things):

1.3.3 - ***********PUBLIC RELEASE***************
* Fix textreference and mode string interaction.
* Fix tab order of file inputs

1.3.2 -
* Fix Sustain to Miss cascades:
Hurl Through Hell
Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere
* Change to allow Class names without the first name/second name fields since they are obsolete

1.3.1 - ***********PUBLIC RELEASE***************

* Fix so that powers/feats/etc can contain class names.
(ex:Eye of the Wearlock, Improved Swordmage Armor)
* Fix where image reference is not properly reset if multiple parses are done

1.3.0 - ***********PUBLIC RELEASE***************

Text reference has changed. See the PHB File Document.txt

1.2.29 -
* Support for regional benefits. Output as a "Regional Background Benefits"
Format is (case is important!):

1.2.28 -
* Allow ZPOWER to cascade out to ZSD
The following extracted with line wrap issues:
Channel Divinity: Angharradh’s Favor
Channel Divinity: Blessing of Silvanus
Channel Divinity: Chauntea’s Blessing
Channel Divinity: Fleetness of Mielikki
Channel Divinity: Glittergold’s Gambit
Channel Divinity: Ilmater’s Martyrdom
Channel Divinity: Kelemvor’s Judgment
Channel Divinity: Power of Amaunator
Channel Divinity: Righteous Rage of Tempus
Channel Divinity: Sheela Peryroyl’s Gift
Channel Divinity: Waukeen’s Silver Tongue

1.2.27 -
* Fixed Paragon/Class/Epic logic to handle multiword paths better. Paths can be any length now. The old Single Name/Double Name elements are ignored.

Had to change "Improved Swordmage Armor" to "Imporved Swordmage's Armor" for now. The class name in the middle of a power name is not handled correctly.

1.2.26 -
* Support for Paragon Path's that include race names
For the parent class of paragon path's I've switched to using "Paragon". Many new paths are not class specific.

1.2.25 -
* Support for "subraces" i.e. the elemental manifestations of Genasi. These are denoted by an * as the first character in the race file.
Example : *Earthsoul
* Support for more powers that have sub powers (via ZPOWER). I've begun to use them on racials.

1.2.24 - FR Player's Guide Begins
* Added "Dynamic tagging". Essentially this is an easy way to specify new tags such as the Aegis of Assault:, Aegis of Shielding:, and Dark Pact:. Currently these are only available internally, in the future they will be opened to the user.

"Blades of Vanquished Armies" the Warlock (Dark) extracts on 2 lines. Rejoined as one line
"Metamorphosis of Spellflame" the Spellscarred extracts on 2 lines. Rejoined as one line
* Feats sorted differently. Now pointed at the reference_classfeatlist series of classes this produces a tabular display
* The parser can now handle malformed critical text like the staff of fiery might

* Feat lists by tier, multiclass, power swap added for linking
* Issues with & within textreference titles corrected

* Support for epic powers/destinies. Class file changes are:
EX: Epic;Archdevil;Archdevil; ;Epic;Powers
EX: Epic;Temporary Looker; ;Temporary Looker;Epic;Powers

* Fixed a bug where section lists were not being built correctly
* Fixed a bug where Spell lists were not built correctly
* Created a second set of spell lists for features/racial/class powers/paragon powers. These are for easy reference within the text data.

* Removed duplicate text reference data from the module.
* Added the ability to include images into the module.
Image Reference Directory (file 17) added.
* Ability to add image links into text reference added. The following format can be added to the Text reference file (file 16):
ZLINKBEGIN filename;Link text to be displayed ZLINKEND

* Text items restructured again. Now the manual looks better. Still need search/filter (


* Individual weapon and armor entries are now sorted in the order they are entered
instead of alphabetical order. Sorting of groups remains alphabetical order.

* Feat powers now default to supressed in the library.

* Removed the old Eldrich key word that caused issues with Twofold Pact (Dragon 366 - Wish Upon a Star)

* Brutal Scoundrel and Artful Dodger parsed into separate elements

* Secondary and Tertiary effects handled correctly.

* Reference text restructured. Now multi-layered. ZGROUP(Separate window)->ZSUBGROUP(Separate window)->ZNAME(Inline text)->ZTEXT
[in the image: ZGROUP = Combat, ZSUBGROUP = The Combat Sequence, ZNAME = Initiative, ZTEXT = Before the first round....]

* Fixed bug that caused each power to be in it's own spell list. The resulting XML worked but was
bloated over what was need.

1.2.7 - ***********PUBLIC RELEASE***************

*********Most important***************

There is now an Output File combo box. This controls if the file module contains a
db.xml (viewable only by the GM), common.xml (viewable by everyone, stored on GM
machine) or client.xml (viewable by everyone, requires client to have their own

Previous versions used common.xml, however because the 4E PHB is very large (3M+)
this causes transfer issues with tokens. Testing has shown switching it to client.xml
and manually distributing to your players (i.e. emailing it and having them install it
in their FG2 module directory), results in a significant decrease in token issues.

Core and Dragon default to client.xml, other still defaults to common.xml. This will
probably change in a future version.

Note if you change the type of file, you'll need to delete the old file from your
output path (i.e. if you switch from common.xml to db.xml go into your output path and
delete the common.xml before zipping the module).


Changes / features / fixes

* An invalid path file no longer ends the program

* The parser now accepts optional files, you can enter a blank for these. The
file check will display them as a warning, but will still run. This should be a
boon to new users.

* All files are color coded to the required/optional status

* There is now an option to hide the display of Feat Powers in the library.
This is because the feats with linked powers should go live in 1.0.3
(see below)

--- Operational changes ----
* Blank library items are supressed.

* Skills can now be parsed and displayed in all modes (bug fix)

* Feats can now have assoicated powers using the ZPOWER tag. The power name must
match exactly. The display of linked powers should go live in 1.0.3
ZXCV123 Blazing Sword of Voltron [Divinity]
Prerequisites: Channel Divinity class feature,
must worship Voltron
Benefit: You can invoke the power of your deity to
use the blazing sword of Voltron to slay robeasts.
ZSD Use Channel Divinity to invoke blazing sword of Voltron
ZPOWER Channel Divinity: Blazing Sword of Voltron


* The parser now accepts a ritual file. Rituals can be parsed and displayed in 1.0.3,
but there is no way to put them on a character sheet yet.
Example ritual file structure:
Ritual Name
Flavor text
Level: Whatever
Category: Whatever
Time: Whatever
Duration: Whatever
Component Cost: Whatever
Market Price: Whatever
Key Skill: Whatever
Formatted text

* The parser now accepts a "Text Reference file" (This works in 1.0.2). This is designed to
give you a way to enter in any additional data you may desire to display within FG2.
The data in this file is displayed similar to the Conditions but with the following changes:
1) It adds a ZGROUP tag. The line(s) after this tag become the library level title
for the group. Note that the ZGROUP applies to EVERY item after it until it
encounters a new ZGROUP tag

2) It maintains the order of all the items. The order they appear in the file is the
order they are displayed.
Rules - Movement and Position
Creature Size and Space
Formatted text

What this does is create a new library level tag named Rules - Movement and Position
Under this is a list that contains Creature Size and Space. Expanding creature size and
space will display the formatted text

--- Changes due to new material (FRCG) ----
* Magic items can now have a Quirk: tag. This is processed similar to properties.
The display of quirks should go live in 1.0.3

* The magic item tag Enhancement Bonus: is now handled like Enhancement: (curse you FRCG)

* The magic item tag Item Slots: is now handled like Item Slot: (curse you FRCG)


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