Monday, January 19, 2009

Beyond 1.3

Things have been happening beyond the 1.3 release of the ruleset. As always moon_wizard has the final say in everything, but we have both worked on Damage/ Attack drops for tokens and the CT. He did the bulk of the work (unfortunately the tokens only work for the Host...a Smiteworks issue), but I added in the ability to set drops to "Report" and the ability to drop a damage result from chat.

After playing with that for a while, I moved onto making effects that can be dropped on the CT/Tokens. I feel effect management is a huge drain on the DM's time and would like to see some way for the players to help manage their own effects.

My first pass built an extremely simple module that contained a list of effects. I managed to get these dropping onto the CT for the host. I then added code so the client could drop them as well. It was a good first step/proof of concept but not what I wanted.

So I recently began poking around in the Character sheet. I did a little work and made some changes to the powers. Now under the description is a list of effects. And yes these can be dragged and dropped onto the CT (well it's 90% right now, I just ran out of time on my lunch hour).

I think allowing players to build a list of effects for thier powers and have them available to drop onto the CT will be a huge boon to DMs everywhere, but maybe that's just me. Anyhow the obligatory image:

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Tobey H. said...

Awesome work! Looking forward to trying this.