Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I spent some time with the Tile Mapper. It took me a while to get it figured out, but eventually I managed to crank out some usable you can see below (Encounter 3-3). I managed to finish the maps for Delves 1-10.

Oh and I updated the AV, MP, FR:CG, and the Dragonomicon


Tobey H. said...

beautiful. Now... if only i can get these files from yahoo groups to download so I can start working on this as well. It's giving me a hard time.

StriderLS7 said...

How are you saving the maps off once you've finished them? Screen capture, print to image?

J said...

I build the map exactly like the overview. I usually set the delve to 400% zoom. I then use firefox's ctrl-+ ctrl-- to get a more precise zoom. Once I have the devel built, I end up doing 4 screen captures for each delve. 1 for the overview and then a separate capture for each encounter.

I dump each screen capture into Paint.NET to color in the background / crop them as needed.

It can sometimes be a pain to get my browser window large enough to display the images (particularly the delve overviews for some of the odd shaped delves) at a high enough resolution to be usable.

For the encounter maps I zoom in a bit more, and try to find one scale where each encounter map fits neatly on the screen. Again this can be a pain if the encounter maps vary greatly (Poisoned Shadows for example).

I experimented with Print Preview, but the output placed a red border around each tile (good for laying out physical tiles). I assume the print to image does the same thing. I didn't really want to go through the hassle of cleaning that up in post, or digging through the java files and removing it.