Friday, April 10, 2009

2.0.25 Parser

I released a PHB2 compatible parser today. It's actually been done for a while but there are some changes that will not work in the current publicly available version of the 4E_JPG ruleset (1.4.4) . The most notable is the way powers linked with other powers is handled (Channel Divinity feats, Warden powers, etc). I created a 1.4.4 compatible output so if a power has only a single linked power it is displayed using the old format. So older modules will not break. However some new features (multiple granted powers, ritual prereqs) will not go live until 1.5+ Sorry invokers/Warders, you'll just have to wait.

You can find it over on (FUM) . As always feel free to report any errors/problems/questions to the 2.0.25 thread Oh and check out their FUMcon gaming convention for a wide array of Virtual Table Top games/demos/info/etc.

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