Friday, April 10, 2009

Form versus Function

So despite claiming he'd be eternally happy, Eric the DM of Thursdays was actually only happy for 15 minutes. Shortly thereafter he asked if I could make the power names bold (despite the fact it highlights them on mouse over). I knew given the limitation of FGII when it comes to formattedtext, this wasn't possible.

So I took an idea that moon_wizard suggested...adding carriage returns after each power to put them on their own line. And moon_wizard...LOVES carriage that "I-love-you-so-now-I-have-to-kill-you" sort of way.

Anyhow I wasn't sure how it would end up looking so I gave it a try (it's 1 line of code to change it).So there it is. Of course ancient dragons are probably more of an extreme case, so I grabbed another monster at random:
That looks pretty reasonable and it only ends up being a line or two bigger than the other format.

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