Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Parser 3.5.4 released and SoW

First a screenshot from one of my redesigned SoW skill challenges....oh as a bonus you get to see Xorne's character (Tak) wishlist

You can get it on FUM:
****************************Public Release: 6/2/2009 *****************
* MM2 - Support for Multi-icon (MR/CA) powers
* Familiar ZToken tag is now ignores case.
* Split documentation into 2 files to avoid confusion
* Added documentation for Familiars

* MM2 - Handling of the "A" power icon for Templates greatly improved. Line wrapping should no longer be needed.
* MM2 - Lore formatter now understands a chain of knowledge skills separated by " or " (i.e "Arcana or Religion DC 15:")

* MM2 - Cascade from Speed to Saving Throws enabled
* MM2 - Dot removed from keywords

* Cleaned up documents shortcuts.
* Added XML validation

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