Monday, June 1, 2009


In "Parsing of War" I mentioned I was going to be doing some DMing. I've run two sessions worth of the first Scales of War adventure (I've actually parsed the entire second adventure). You can follow my group's progress over on our Obsidian Portal site. It's mostly just background information I took from the Scales of War player's guide, and the adventure summaries. Maybe some time I'll get around to adding more content.

In other news, I "finished" the MM2 tonight. I'm sure there are still some data errors but I've got everything parsing correctly. I had to make some minor changes to handle the multiskill lore entries (Dungoneering or Nature DC 15:) and the new multi-icon powers. Well they aren't new but I think there were only 2 of them in the original MM. The MM2 has one NPC with 2 different multi-icon powers. Mutli-icons required some ruleset work and even me mauling some graphics. Hopefully we'll get something better in place for the final version:

As usual, I ended up doing more than I needed. I added all the stats, graphics, and fluff for the MM NPCs that were mentioned in MM2 encounters.

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