Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Eberron Player's Guide

With the compendium and character builder releases yesterday, I've managed to scrape together a barely acceptable Eberron module. It's lacking a lot of certain chapters (1 and 5 mainly with some odd bits missing along the way). I miss digital copies of the books. (and FYI I purchased all my PDFs) Oddly the stuff I can't get a hold of is the least useful for actual game play, if I wasn't such a perfectionist I wouldn't even need to buy the book since the compendium and character builder gives me everything I need to play (which seems like a questionable buisness decision...)

On my to do list for Eberron:
Magic items, which I bet will need a parser adjustment to accept compendium level/price/enhancement formatting
Mundane weapons
Backgrounds which I'll have to extract from the character builder (rapture)

On the already completed side:
Races, Classes, Powers, Paragon Paths (all 20+ of them), Epic Destinies, Feats, Rituals, Alchemy, Mundane Gear are all done.

I don't remember having to make any Eberron specific parser changes. I think everything handled okay using just Dynamic tags and my current parser build. There's still a way to go before I can stick a fork in it, so who knows.

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