Thursday, July 9, 2009


Down to just the backgrounds and all the text which wasn't available in the Compendium.

I made some minor changes to item power parsing to better handle item powers that have triggers. I'm not sure if I just never noticed before or if it's new in Eberron.


Patrelcus said...

Hey, J. Is there any way for you to share those beautiful modules? Or perhaps sell them? I'd easily pay to have them.

J said...

Legal issues prevent me from doing that. There are probably work arounds (such as selling you the book and a USB key with the module combined) but that's not something I'm really interested in getting into.

I emailed WOTC about the possibility of making the first Scales of War adventure available in FGII module format (the pdf for that issue of Dungeon is free off their website) but after being forwarded, no one bothered I'm taking that as a no.

Karazax said...

Did you get the Horns of Balinor holy symbol to parse? Mine was having problems with the
Critical: +1d8, or +1d12 dmage per plus against a creature marked by you or an ally. I'd also be interested in seeing what you came up with for handling the triggers.

And on a seperate issue, when parsing monsters, i noticed creatures like the dwarf bolter are not showing specific saving throw bonuses, for example +5 save vs poison is showing up as +5. Is this a bug or something I am doing wrong?

J said...

The save problem was addressed a while back, the updated version of the parser is just waiting for a ruleset update.

My horns of Balinor critical reads exactly like the book.