Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's Divine!

I added support for extracting feats. I ran a few tests on various issues of Dragon (during which I found more Compendium errors). Then I moved on to Divine Power. Divine power added the extra wrinkle of Feat Powers not to mention a much wider variety of data.

Anyhow the picture shows the results of a run against Divine Power. I still had to make a class and race file but the bulk of the work was done by SSPX.


reezel said...

Any idea when you might be getting these out to everyone? This has me much more excited about preparing my game then I was before.

J said...

There is still a lot of data available in the compendium that I have not processed (rituals, items, classes, pps, eds, races, etc)

I doubt I'll get all of it before I release, but I'd really like to get a good portion of the information. It's close but not quite there.

There's also the matter of testing it all. I've run tests on MM2, MM, Divine Power, and a few issues of dragon. At the very least I'd like to run PHB, PHB2, Martial Power, Arcane Power, FR: Players, Eberron: Players through and have it produce parsable results.