Saturday, August 8, 2009

Scrape Scrape Scrape

I finished the NPC portion of compendium extraction. I verified all the results from the Eberron Campaign Guide (and found a few errors in the compendium). Then I moved on to the MM and MM2. There were a few minor issues to take care of in the MM/MM2 but the changes were very small.

To get complete support of the Eberron:CG in place I had to make changes to the parser, mostly involving mounts, and the fact that the requirements now appear to be listed in the ([action][;trigger][;recharge]) block of npc powers

Anyhow here's a sample of the output. To generate these I made no changes to the file extracted from the compendium. All I had to tell the parser was the module name, the location of the scrape file, the category, and what temp directory I wanted to use.

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