Thursday, August 6, 2009

SSPX Phase Tango

I took a specialized selection of NPCs and save the HTML from the compendiu, I then ran the HTML though my new npc converter routines, attempting to "parsify" them. Each NPC was selected for a particular reason:

1) Beholder: those eyebeam powers look like crap without the backslash r embedding. I wanted to see if I could do that from the HTML

2) Angel of Valor: Whatever Angelic Presence is . This one still isn't 100% as it's not dropping the ZZX in the right spot yet. Plus it has a power without an icon (Fiery Blades)

3) Fire Archon Emberguard: It's a tutorial monster. Plus it has an aura

4) Firbolg Master of the Wild Hunt: Multi icon power (Mortal Strike).

So far they all look correct (except for the angelic presence). I should have that fixed soon. The next step will be automatic extraction, unfortunately I can't do that on my lunch hour at work as I don't have unlimited internet access.

I hope to do some larger scale tests this weekend.

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